We Launched Club Wilson Nightclub

About the Business

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata is a prestigious luxury hotel located in the heart of Kolkata, known for its rich heritage and commitment to delivering unparalleled hospitality experiences. With a history dating back to 1841, the hotel stands as a symbol of grandeur and elegance, offering a unique blend of traditional charm and modern amenities.

About the Challenge

Launching Club Wilson - A New Nightclub

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata decided to venture into the vibrant nightlife scene by launching Club Wilson, a new and exclusive nightclub. The challenge was to create awareness about the club, which was completely unknown, and generate significant footfall for the launch within a limited time frame of less than a week. Given the competitive nature of the nightclub industry, the objective was to establish Club Wilson as a must-visit destination in Kolkata.

Recommended Solutions by Brandman Consultancy

Recognizing the urgency and the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata solicited the expertise of Brandman Consultancy. We proposed a multi-faceted approach to address the challenge:

  • Creating & Optimizing Social Media Presence:

    We recommended creating Social media accounts and optimizing them to highlight social media presence.

  • Creating Engaging Content:

    We recommended leveraging our meticulously crafted content to enhance Club Wilson's brand identity and captivate their audience.

  • Design and Production of Physical Marketing Materials:

    Designing and deploying visually striking materials, such as banners and standees, two days prior to the launch to maximize event promotion and anticipation.

  • Digital Advertising:

    We recommended utilizing targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google to generate excitement for the Club Wilson launch, emphasizing key features and offerings.

How the Solution was Implemented

Brandman Consultancy executed the recommended solutions with efficiency and creativity. The timeline of less than a week was met through a coordinated effort:

  • Created & Optimized Social Media Presence:

    Our social media expert team swiftly created and optimized social media accounts for Club Wilson on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Google Business Profile to establish an online presence.

  • Content Creation:

    Our content creation team developed engaging content, including attractive cover pages, promotional posts, reels, and posters, aligning with the brand identity of Club Wilson.

  • Physical Marketing Materials:

    We designed and produced physical marketing materials, including banners and standees, to be displayed at the nightclub.

  • Digital Advertising:

    Our paid media experts ran targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google to reach a wider audience and create buzz around the launch. The ads highlighted key features and offerings of Club Wilson.

Benefits after the Challenge is Resolved

The results of Brandman Consultancy's strategic implementation were remarkable:

  • Club Wilson gained a strong initial presence on social media platforms, laying the foundation for ongoing engagement and customer interaction. Thousands of engagements were received even before the launch.

  • In less than a week, Club Wilson witnessed a significant footfall of over 1000 attendees on the launch day.

  • The successful launch positioned Club Wilson as a prominent player in Kolkata's nightlife scene, attracting both locals and visitors.

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata and Brandman Consultancy's collaboration showcased a successful and impactful nightclub launch, highlighting the efficacy of a well-executed marketing strategy within tight deadlines.