Case Study
Coca-Cola India's Sales Training


About the Business Coca-Cola India

Coca-Cola India is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, one of the world's largest beverage companies, operating in more than 200 countries. Established in India in the late 20th century, Coca-Cola India has become a prominent player in the Indian beverage market, known for its diverse range of products. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Coca-Cola India constantly introduces new products to meet evolving consumer demands.

About the Challenge

Training Sales Team on New Product Benefits

With the continuous introduction of new products, Coca-Cola India faced the challenge of effectively training its internal sales team about the benefits of these new offerings. The sales team needed to understand the unique selling points of the new products and effectively communicate them to distributors and shopkeepers. Moreover, they needed to be equipped to handle objections from these stakeholders.

Recommended Solutions by Brandman Consultancy

Recognizing the need for an engaging and informative training solution, Brandman Consultancy proposed:

  • The creation of animated explainer videos.
  • To utilize storytelling techniques to demonstrate the benefits of the new products, simulate sales interactions between the salesperson and the shopkeeper, and address potential objections.
  • To integrate AI-powered elements such as AI-generated characters, visuals, and voiceovers to enhance the effectiveness and appeal of the videos.

Implementation of the Solution

Brandman Consultancy collaborated closely with Coca-Cola India to develop a series of animated explainer videos tailored to the specific needs of their sales team. The videos were carefully crafted to deliver key messages effectively while maintaining engagement.


Brainstorming sessions to develop engaging storytelling concepts that effectively conveyed the benefits of the new products and addressed common objections.


Crafting scripts for the animated videos, ensuring clarity, coherence, and relevance to the target audience.


Engaging storyboarding involves visually mapping out each scene, ensuring seamless communication of key messages. By meticulously planning the narrative flow, we created a blueprint that guided the animation process, resulting in captivating videos.

Animation and AI Integration:

 Utilizing advanced animation techniques and AI-generated elements to create visually appealing and dynamic videos.

Voice and Sound:

Enhancing each animated explainer video with voice-over by professional voice artists and sound mix, infusing life into the visuals. By using the right background voices and incorporating captivating sound effects, we created a dynamic audio-visual experience that captivated audiences and amplified the message's impact.


 Producing versions of the videos in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of the sales team.

Benefits after the Challenge is Resolved

Following the implementation of Brandman Consultancy's solution, Coca-Cola India experienced several significant benefits:

Effective Training:

The animated explainer videos provided an engaging and easily understandable platform for training the sales team on the benefits of the new products and how to address objections.

Successful Product Launch:

Equipped with comprehensive product knowledge and objection-handling strategies, the sales team successfully launched the new products by ensuring active demands from the dealers and distributors.

Linguistic Accessibility:

 By creating videos in multiple languages, Brandman Consultancy ensured that the training materials were accessible to the locally concentrated sales teams, enabling them to understand and apply the concepts in their preferred language.

Overall, Brandman Consultancy's innovative use of animated explainer videos, coupled with AI integration and multilingual support, provided Coca-Cola India with an effective solution to train its sales team and drive successful product launches in a diverse market landscape.