How We Helped Goldberg Construction Generate Leads Online




Jason Goldberg, owner of Goldberg Construction, a successful construction company based in Mission Viejo, California.


Goldberg Construction relied solely on offline leads for business. Jason aimed to tap into the online market to increase lead generation but needed expert assistance to get it done effectively.



  • Establish an online presence for Goldberg Construction and generate leads through digital channels.
  • Increase overall lead generation and reduce dependency on offline leads.


Brandman Consultancy stepped in to provide comprehensive solutions

Consultancy Service

We analyzed Goldberg Construction's business model and advised them on a two-step approach.

Landing Page Creation

We recommended creating a landing page to showcase their work, including project images, work processes, and benefits provided.

Online Promotion

We recommended online promotion, specifically Google Search Ads in the target location so that Goldberg Construction can get found easily by the prospective clients.



Landing Page Design & Development

  • Brandman Consultancy designed and developed the landing page in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner, ensuring it effectively communicated Goldberg Construction's value proposition.
  • The landing page showcased Goldberg Construction's work, featuring high-quality images and detailed descriptions of their projects and working processes.
  • Clear messaging emphasized the unique benefits clients would gain by choosing Goldberg Construction for their projects.

Google Search Ads

  • We ran targeted Google Search ads for Goldberg Construction, ensuring they appeared in local searches for terms like "ADU developer" in Mission Viejo, California.
  • This increased visibility among potential clients actively seeking construction services.

Lead Capture

  • The landing page included a user-friendly contact form, allowing visitors to express their interest and provide their details.
  • Submissions were directed to Jason Goldberg, who promptly followed up with interested parties.


The implemented solutions led to significant improvements

Goldberg Construction's online presence was established, reaching a wider audience.

Total number of leads and conversion rates increased, with approximately 50% of online leads converting into potential projects.

The company successfully transitioned from an offline-only presence to a balanced online and offline lead generation approach, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.