How To Leverage AI-Generated Content Creation for Marketing

May 22, 2024

Ever wished you had a magic wand to whip up content in a snap? Well, thanks to AI technology, that wish is now a reality!

Here I’m delving deep into the top types of AI-generated content in marketing. From social media posts to emails and beyond, these innovative tools are revolutionizing the way we create and share content.

But don't just take my word for it! I've crunched the numbers from HubSpot's State of AI survey to bring you the latest insights into how marketers are harnessing the power of AI.

Social Media Posts (58%): AI is helping marketers craft engaging posts that resonate with their audience and drive results.

  • Content Creation: AI generates ideas, suggests topics, and writes headlines, boosting creativity.
  • Scheduling and Posting: Automate posts for optimal timing and platform-specific optimization.
  • Audience Analytics: Gain insights for crafting more relevant and effective content.

Product Descriptions (50%): AI is simplifying the process of describing products in a clear and compelling way.

  • Enhance clarity and accessibility for your audience.
  • Accurately explain product features and functionality.
  • Streamline the process of describing new products with ease.

Emails (43%): AI is optimizing email marketing strategies for better engagement and higher conversions.

  • Optimize timing for maximum engagement.
  • Craft compelling subject lines to boost open rates.
  • Conduct A/B testing to refine and improve email performance.

Images (36%): Dive into the world of AI-generated images and see how they're enhancing visual content across platforms. Unlock the power of AI for:

  • Creating captivating images.
  • Enhancing SEO and boosting search rankings.
  • Elevating your blog, social media, and product visuals

Blog Posts (35%): AI is streamlining the blog writing process, saving time and resources for marketers. AI Speeds Up Blog Writing Get writer's block blues? AI helps with research, drafting & SEO for faster blog creation!

Landing Pages (19%): Almost one-fifth of marketing professionals using AI find it helpful for landing pages. Many businesses underestimate the power of good or bad UX, and artificial intelligence can help to monitor and improve how customers navigate your page through the following means:

  • Conducting A/B testing to refine page elements.
  • Analyzing user behavior for optimization.
  • Enhancing customer experience and boosting conversions.

Ebooks (17%): According to the survey, the second to last helpful type of content to make with AI is ebooks. While AI can help marketers streamline certain aspects of ebook creation, there may be better options. Here are some reasons why:

  • AI can streamline parts of ebook creation.
  • Challenges include tone alignment and authenticity.
  • Legal risks exist due to potential plagiarism concerns.

Whitepapers (12%): The type of content that would benefit the least from artificial intelligence is whitepapers, according to survey data.

  • Survey data suggests whitepapers benefit the least from AI.
  • They require creativity and nuanced understanding AI may lack.

Use AI Wisely for Your Marketing Content: AI-generated content is transforming content creation for marketers, offering efficiency, personalization, and practicality. By adapting and leveraging this technology wisely, your team can stay ahead of the curve in content marketing strategies.

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